Am excited to have TEC included as a finalist in the American Book Fest awards for 2021. Whoo Hoo!!🥰
March, 2021. I’m pleased to donate autographed copies of TEC to the Fair Haven Concerned auction and Mayor Murfee’s Dog Park fundraiser in May. We all thank you for your generous support of these important events in town.

Mountain Times, Killlington, VT
February 24, 2021

Haunted house in Fair Haven subject of new book

‘The Eternal Conductor’ explores a local stop on the Underground Railroad

By Brooke Geery

Debbie Garneau Griffin grew up in a haunted house in Fair Haven, and has recently published a book, “The Eternal Conductor,” based upon true-life events (Write Your Way, 2020). From a young age, Griffin knew something supernatural was afoot in her home.

“It was just my mother and me living at the two-story house, but I would often hear footsteps upstairs. So one night I went up to see who else lived with us. That’s when I had my first encounter with the ghost. He told me he was there to protect us from evil.”

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Editorial: What we’re reading and loving lately

– Susan Rushton, Gold Country Media, Auburn, CA.  Feb 27, 2021

. . . Recognizing my enthusiastic interest in reading, writing and books, Foresthill author Debbie Garneau Griffin emailed me, offering a copy of her book, “The Eternal Conductor.” It’s a tale of the Underground Railroad in Vermont, and a deadly spirit that insists on haunting a stop on the railroad into the present day.

This yarn sounds fascinating. If you want to learn more, investigate: Thank you, Debbie. . .

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Foresthill Messenger, Foresthill, CA.
December 17, 2020

Local Artist Gets Published

Foresthill resident Debbie Griffin has published her first historical fiction novel.

When Debbie moved her elderly mother to a nursing home from their century-old farmstead in Vermont, they cleaned out the property and discovered it had once been a waystation along the Underground Railroad. Upon retiring, Debbie made several trips to the Northeast, where she researched the Underground Railroad routes. As a result, she was motivated to write this historical fiction novel about the perilous travels of an escaped slave family trying to reach freedom in Canada in 1850.

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Publishers Weekly